DIY OMBRE 26.3.14

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging lately! As some of you are probably aware, I have recently launched my own brand,, so that has kept me super busy. I now spend my days creating products, buying products, updating the website, tweeting, facebooking, Instagramming and sending out orders, It's just exhausting! I'm having a great time though and through creating my brand I was headhunted, by a company that basically puts together all the lovely branding you see in all of your favourite stores.  Although its a lot of hard work its all very exciting!

Anyway onto the DIY Ombre.

I decided to have a go at ombreing my hair with a box dye kit, as its a lot cheaper than going to a salon and I was feeling brave.  I used The Loreal Paris Extreme Ombre Kit for brunettes and I must say I was very impressed.  The kit gave great results, was easy to apply and made next to no mess.  The one downside was the smell of the product, It pretty much knocked me out, I ended up in my garden trying to catch my breath! However I know from previous experiences with bleach/peroxide type products that this is quite normal, so I didn't worry too much!

The best advice I could give when using this product is be patient and don't panic, looking back I should have left the product on for a bit longer, but I was worrying, when your sat with this stuff in your hair you tend to build up horrible scenarios of bad things that could happen in your head, for example
"I'm going to go blind"
"My hair is going to catch on fire"
"the dog might accidentally eat some of it and die"
"My hairs going to fall out"
Or my personal favourite " Oh dear god, get it off me, I'm going to die"

It's fairly likely that none of these scenarios will actually occur, so tell your brain to quit worrying and suck it up. Just keep an eye on it and you'll be fine and if you do fuck it up, go get a box dye in your natural colour and just dye over it.  If it really really goes wrong, which it probably won't, just take yourself down to the hairdressers and get it fixed!

Let me know if you give it a go, I'd love to see your results!

Lots of love


Hey guys, as you probably noticed, I ran a kickstarter campaign a little while ago in order to raise funds for an online apparel brand that I have been wanting to open for a while now, we had a couple of backers but struggled to get any further. Fortunately we managed to get the store up and running without the kickstarter funding! Woohoo! So without further ado...drumroll...I am happy to announce that Rebellion Frase is now open for business!

 These are just a few of the printed graphic tee's currently available to buy online at  More will be added daily! Keep your eyes peeled for our vintage upcycled collection which will be coming very soon.

We also have some awesome Dip dye tee's, both full length and cropped the two seen here are in pink and burgundy, I'll be working on some purple ones later today.  These are available now for just £8 in Small, Medium or Large.  If anyone has some colour suggestions they would like to see added let me know and i'll be more than happy to make them!
We have some fantastic jewellery coming soon, these two rings are just £2.50 each! They sold out in one day! Pre-order now and we'll send them out as soon as they become available again, we'll also be adding more jewellery soon. so watch this space!
Follow us on Twitter at @Rebellion_Frase for all the latest gossip, new products, giveaways, discount codes and more. We'll be sure to follow you all back!
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You guessed it, we're also on Instagram and of course the same applies, we just love to follow back!

So get your lovely little bums over too now, for a spot of retail therapy!


Todays dressing room dilemma:

You want all of these lovely clothes from TOPSHOP, but you are totally skint...What do you do?

My answer...Put them back one by one, holding back tears, then go home and sulk.

OOTD 22.2.14

BUY ME - £34
I thought I'd do a quick outfit of the day post for yesterday as I didn't get a chance to blog properly yesterday.  I got this cute tassel sleeved dress from a couple of weeks ago, you may have seen me wearing it at the LFW bloggers event, if not, then here it is again.